Dear friends, whom are searching for a phone…  I highly recommend you: NOT TO BUY from!
I bought a „new”  Apple Iphone 3G – 16 GB GSM Un-locked QUAD-BAND [WHITE] online on August 13-th.  I paid 25 $ FOR 3 DAYS SHIPPING. As well I paid some extra 14.95 $ for the leather case. I received „my phone” on August 19-th, the silver bezel on the phone was scratched and there was no leather case. The phone looks like had his display removed, with the rubber worn badly.
I called Sales & Support but its a great great luck to get to actually talk to a person on the other side, they are always busy helping „OTHER” so called  „Customers” –  wonder if they have any. Having such a one sale oriented business realy wonder how much longer this people will be in business.  I’m rea
lly disappointed!

On August 22, they finally  answered my call, but now It’s too late 😦 because I need it by August 25-th.

I decided to repair the phone on my own. I went to the Apple store ..and surprise!!! … the guys at the counter told me that that’s not an Apple Iphone !!! Even though it looks from outside that it is one the inside of the phone is being assembled with parts from all different kind’a phones! So here I am letting you know not to make my mistake… Its a lot safer to get one on Ebay.. 100000% safer!!!
Now I only want to get my money back!

to be continued…